Netatmo going to present at CES 2015 a modern video surveillance system that works in conjunction with a variety of mobile platforms.

The main feature of novelty lies in the fact that the camera is able to recognize faces. This allows you to let the house all the people who have been previously reported in the Appendix. In addition, Netatmo can take photos of strangers that are in front of the camera lens, and send them to your smartphone, tablet or computer. Another feature of this CCTV system – is to create a series of images of what is happening in front of the lens. You can specify the time at which the picture is not carried out, as well as users who do not need to take pictures.

For the system of surveillance Netatmo need to connect to a network Wi-Fi. As for the available platforms, it is Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In addition, users will be available and the web application. The quality of the images – Full HD with a viewing angle of 130 degrees. Netatmo sale will begin in the second quarter of 2015.

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