Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Nike is one of the most important brands of the modern society, whose reputation extends not only over their own fields of activity. The sporting goods manufacturers is also in “Back to the Future Part II” – have been seen – absolutely one of the cult films. Each Geek is this known a self-lacing shoes, which now comes in the presence of Christmas 2016 and will be commercially available.

If Marty McFly gets out in “Back to the Future Part II” from the DeLorean and provided by Doc Brown Nike Air Mags Sneaker attracts, this is one of those special movie moments. The date on which one imagines, those shoes will you also have. Nearly 30 years after the cult film about looking into the future, even constrictive shoes actually come to market.

Fresh from the future: Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

Even Nike itself, because the research department of the company has 1.0 actually developed with the model HyperAdapt a sneaker whose laces can tie itself.
The shoes are also lit for an even more futuristic design is actually considering their shoelaces independently constrictive minor matter.

Nike Innovation Summit 2016

Nike Innovation Summit 2016

Nike HyperAdapt

It would be interesting if the shoe has an integrated battery has and how often you can use the automatic tying the laces before the shoe has in its charging station – and if you can turn off optional lighting also.

Exciting as the engineers at Nike have accomplished “Selbstschn├╝rung”. About integrated in the shoe sensor detects the HyperAdapt 1.0 if one foot is in the shoe, which in turn sets in motion small coils which in turn pull the laces tight. About two attached to the side of the shoe buttons the laces readjust as needed.

The name “Nike HyperAdapt 1.0” is not selected according to one of the shoe designer of the company at random. Rather one wants to further develop the model continuously and has also been the first idea for the next generations. Among other things, the developers are working on a solution, whereby the shoe can automatically detect whether the laces had attracted just tighter or looser to. A bit more future if you will.

Marty McFly is difficult to emulate

Unlike the original film, the real model is based on the design of the latest fashion and is breathed less futuristic. Three different colors are available for interested buyers and “Back to the Future” fans – if Nike reveals the official pricing for the Model HyperAdapt 1.0. Because that this has left open the Group. Especially the group of purchasing authorized persons is severely limited: Who is not a member of Nike + network, the shoe must not buy.

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