Nikon has just announced its new laser rangefinder Coolshot 20: between specifications – with all respect – the fact that stands out is the smallest and lightest laser rangefinder series Coolshot. The Coolshot 20 has a 6x zoom lens that allows, and can measure distances from 5 to 500 meters. Among the features we can find the Nikon First Target Priority technology, which allows you to select a target to be measured even in a landscape rather complicated, as in a forest or water.

The Coolshot weighs 125 grams and is large 91 x 73 x 37 mm, has a minimum accuracy of about one meter and certification of protection IPX4, which is resistant to water spray, that can be used in the rain. By pressing the ON button you can activate a measurement of 8 seconds bastevoli scan with one hand.

For now, the Coolshot 20 is not available for sale online, but it will come very soon on all the e-shop.

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