It is undeniable that every time we give more use to your mobile phone. It is a device that has many features and utilities. Perhaps one of the few handicaps we found is that if we want to have next to see some content on your screen this is too small. We finish with this problem with ODIN2, laptop protector for smartphones.

You’ve probably more than once wanted to share a video on your mobile with those who were at your side and you had to go past your phone from hand to hand to get it.

ODIN2 now everything will be easier. This is a true portable projector, as we fit in the palm and is compatible with Android. To ease the task further has a battery so that you do not need a plug for use.

What it does is turn your phone into a portable TV, with which you can also make video calls, play the Xbox or Play, enter the DropBox, or use Google Docs. Enjoying all this on a giant screen compared to your phone.

ODIN2 also features a camera, a speaker and a microphone to make calls. It has microSD slot and HDMI output cards.

Seeking funding for ODIN2


As in many similar projects, ODIN2 creators have launched a campaign Kickstarter funding. They are looking to get the $ 125,000 they need to hit the market this projector. A number that have not yet achieved, but there is still almost a month to the end of the deadline.

If you thought interesting can get with a portable projector in the page of the campaign for $ 425. If all goes well they will begin shipping in June 2017.

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