OPPO Find 9

OPPO has become one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones in the world. The brand may not be as familiar to some users like LG, HTC or Sony, but the truth is that OPPO sells more smartphones than these. And his next big smartphone comes to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, at least as far as the screen is concerned
Gorilla Glass 5
OPPO Find 9
And is that not yet have many details on this new OPPO Find 9 but we do know that one of the things that the new smartphone will be a Gorilla Glass 5. So far, the only motive that features a glass such is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. that means at least one thing, and that is the OPPO Find 9 will feature high-level features, as they have been all mobile OPPO Find so far, although new generation. Given that it will have a feature that until now has only been present in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is easy to conclude that the other technical characteristics with which it will also be typical of a smartphone more high-end.

We do not know exactly what features will be, we can easily conclude that with a glass, the display will feature a Quad HD resolution. With a resolution of this kind, it is very likely that we also find a processor at the highest level, probably a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, and a RAM that will be at least 4 GB. All this with a significantly cheaper than many rivals with whom will the smartphone market, so price will be the best option for those seeking an economical mobile but that also is of high quality

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