Oppo N3

Oppo N3

Although many details of the terminal still are not known, the Oppo N3 seems to be a reality. During the day is new and supposed leaked press images we can see the terminal at its best, bringing out one of their own brand characteristics: the rotating camera.

The truth is that the images of the Oppo N3 surely leave you a bit “puzzled”. As you can see, the design of the terminal is quite unorthodox because although includes rotating camera view previous models of the N series as the Oppo Oppo mini N1, has been incorporated in a rather curious way-for others, including myself included, Thus, just as with the aforementioned terminal, we will be able to use the main chamber of the Oppo N3 for selfies, enjoying all the optical quality of this for our self portraits: presumably a lens aperture f sensor of 13 megapixels and /2.0.

Another feature of this new device is its dual LED flash that also shares with its predecessor, the N1. However, it is obvious that this phablet be thinner than the previous one since it is not within the camera module find although according to leaked images, it seems that the top will be slightly thicker than the rest of the terminal, breaking the uniformity and line design.

Unfortunately, no more features about this Oppo N3 are known: technical specifications, processor, screen resolution … Of course, what remains clear is that the company has chosen to innovate in a way quite evident in the design of their terminals, thank you for something that the other companies are not “green”. However, the top seems rather complicated to use, especially when making calls or slide the Android notification bar down.

Is expected to officially launch the Oppo N3 is October 15, so you have to wait exactly one month for all the details of one of the most interesting phablets year.

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