Ourtime X01S Smartwatch

Wearables are still players in a market that seems to throw every day a new device: no more than keep an eye on China’s major import stores to see zillions watches unpronounceable names. Today we add to the list one more. We talked about the Ourtime X01S.

Features Ourtime X01S

The Ourtime X01S boasts a sleek design, something classic and large, quite large. He does not want to go unnoticed, nor does it need to. 1.54 inch screen with resolution IPS 340 x 340 pixels serves as reflection for all what we can do with it. Inside we liked a lot and that is the Ourtime X01S is powered by a dual core MTK6572 1.3 GHz, an internal memory of 8 GB and a RAM of 1 GB. It does not support the addition of an external memory card, but a microSIM to opt for 3G connectivity and function independently allow the phone. In addition, it also offers among its options GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.
Ourtime X01S Smartwatch
A detail that is sure you will like many is its 2 MP camera and generous battery of 600 mAh. In addition, as sensors it offers the essential pedometer and more than desired heart rate monitor.

X01S Ourtime
One of the most outstanding features is the GPS X01S Ourtime
Conclusions availability and price of Ourtime X01S

In conclusion, the Ourtime X01S is a fairly complete smartwatch and therefore, although not the most expensive, nor can consider a cheap watch. If you want to take a look and get more information, we have found in Gearbest around 90 euros. Do you do you stay? It is a good choice if you want a wearable Android 5.1.

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