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Headset – tandem headphone and microphone – who began his career as a telecommunications equipment centers, today is associated more strongly with the environment of PC gamers from konsolowców after pecetowców. As far as to meet the needs of technical assistance and calls on Skype sufficient construction budget, it immerse you in virtual worlds is much more enjoyable when accompanied by deep, clear sound. While musical virtuosos audio disgusted look on Headsety, with many players networking shooters appreciate the pure sounding microphone, precise positioning of sounds, channel separation and capture the sounds of footsteps. Of course, not all the above advantages are the bread and water, because they depend also on the disaster aesthetics of the structure. In order to please the latter company Ozone presented a colorful series of headsets Rage Z50.

Model Z50 has a chance to fire the tastes of the people who like colorful peripherals. I would not expect sensational sound quality, but the execution looks really neatly, especially at the price of 240 zł.

Let’s start with general information. Headset Ozone Rage Z50 is a closed structure, which block the noise coming from the street and will sleep roommate. It should also be comfortable thanks to wokółusznym Pads, which entirely close the earlobe. They are made of rare in this price range trimmed soft skin. Sponges seem to be insufficiently deep, and from the transmitter our ears separates only a thin layer of material, so the experience will say that after long hours of shooting on servers can bake our ear. Theoretically nieobracalne shells should not affect the comfort, so if you’re wondering about buying, but you wear your headphones at a strange angle, you should look for alternatives. Encouragingly bracket reinforced metal frame which extends over the entire distance between the two shells. The cushioning around the top of the head will take care panel, covered with a layer of trimmed perforated eco-leather. It is a kind of double-edged sword – on the one hand ensures satisfactory ventilation, but there is a risk that it will begin to peel off after a period of heavy use. Incorporated in the Ozone Rage Z50 plastic deserve praise, because all the color versions are devoid of any shiny surfaces.

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Even the engraved logo on the headband manufacturer is only slightly reflective material. Covers shell aesthetically mimic metal punched through reticulum. On the Z50 series consists of two subgroups: Glow and Classic. The first of these represent 4 color variations: orange, yellow, blue and green. All of them have accents in the selected color and black designs. The second subgroup is made up of a neutral version of the black and resembles skin Asiimov the game CS: GO black-orange-white. I think the Ozone introducing such a variety of colors, fulfilled the dream of hundreds of teenagers. 😉 It is widely known that many players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive treats skin like idols. Turning to specifics, as the Ozone Rage Z50 should be categorized as a headset, we have available also hidden in the left shell microphone. Since the tests SteelSeries Siberia 840 appreciated such a solution, which may be the quality of sound recording does not knock, but enough to voice chat. The microphone of this unit is omnidirectional and has an auto off, activating probably after inserting it into the interior of the structure. It should be noted that the Ozone Rage Z50 is compatible with both PCs as well as mobile hardware, as is equipped with 4-pole mini-jack that sends a signal to both input and output.

Specifications Ozone Rage Z50:

Type: stereo, circumaural, closed
Membranes: 40 mm
Frequency response Headphone: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
Maximum input: 20 mW
Headphone Impedance: 32 Ω
Dimensions microphone: 4.0 × 1.5 mm
Directivity microphone: omni
Microphone: slide with auto-off
Net weight: 350 g
Cable length: 1.5 m
Connector: 3.5 mm
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However, if you would like to connect to the PC platform, then we use the included splitter, separating a single wire to plug a microphone and headphones. I almost forgot to add – as opposed to the current long been on the market model Z90, coming headset is a stereo design, which imaging surround sound in games is forced to use virtualization. The good news is that the manufacturer does not put pressure on the theoretically bass parts, which can flood the adjacent band, declaring universal, flat sound. Transmitters play loud even at fairly low, integrated source, because low impedance is 32 Ohms. At the moment I can not say much about the sound quality, but considering the cases where headphones for 300 zł exterminate headset for 1500 zł, you can expect everything. Model Z50 compared to the Z90 has a chance to fire the tastes of the people who like colorful peripherals that are not necessarily lit LEDs have 6 transmitters or use the software. They look for solid quality model, which at the moment I am unfortunately unable to say anything specific in terms of sound. They are also very expensive, because the suggested retail price of the Classic is 239 PLN and models Glow cost 249 PLN. On the shelves are set out at the end of August.

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