Panasonic Lumix TS30

Panasonic Lumix TS30

Along with the camera Lumix DMC-TS6, which can withstand immersion to a depth of 13 m and a fall from a height of 2 m, Panasonic introduced another compact camera in the strong performance. Model Lumix DMC-TS30 is slightly inferior TS6 the degree of protection and some other characteristics, but it is smaller, lighter and cheaper.

TS30 camera moves without any consequences for health dive to a depth of 8 m, a fall from a height of 1.5 m, the effect of temperature to -10 ° C.

It uses the same sensor size and resolution, in TS6 – 1 / 2.33 inch (6,08 × 4,56 mm) and 16 M, but this type of sensor CCD, instead of CMOS. Light sensitivity range with him a few already – ISO 100-1600, but it also extends to ISO 100-6400. TS30 opportunities on the part of demarcated video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at a frame rate of 30 Hz. The burst speed is equal to 1.3 / s.

In addition to sensors, from the point of view of the photographer, camera lenses differ: TS30 has a lens with a 25-100 mm EGF and a maximum aperture of F / 3,9-F / 5,7.

In addition, if the built-in flash TS6 effective at distances up to 5.6 m, then TS30 flash a little weaker and provides the same illumination at a distance of 4.4 m. Equipment TS30 includes a display size of 2.7 inches and a resolution of 230,000 pixels, the port USB 2.0.

DS30 camera weighs 142 g Its dimensions are 104 x 58 x 20 mm, and one battery charge is enough for 250 shots. The camera is offered in black, blue and red versions for around $ 180.

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