Parrot RNB6

Parrot RNB6

The company Parrot unveiled at CES 2015 is not an ordinary device for themselves. This dashboard that works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The device is called RNB6, and then we will discuss in greater detail its main features.

RNB6 working on versions of Custom Android 5.0 Lollipop with full support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. At the same time to switch between Android and iOS devices do not need to do anything – Parrot RNB6 at any time to connect to the new system. The gadget has turned enough headroom, so to install it in the car will need a lot of space. Separately, it should be noted the ability to connect Parrot RNB6 to the car OBD2. Another important point is that by Parrot RNB6 can connect the camera. As a result, you get a DVR, which will record what is happening on the road.

No information on when it Parrot RNB6 will be available and what will be the price of the device unavailable. It is expected that it will be possible to buy a gadget this year. Parrot RNB6 perfectly fit into any old car, adding to its mobile technologies that are available only for the newest cars.

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