Parrot Zik Sport Headphones

Parrot Zik Sport Headphones

In addition to the dashboard company Parrot at CES 2015 also introduced and wireless headphones Zik Sport Headphones. They are fully sharpened by exercise, namely a run. The fact that it is for the device, read on.

Parrot Zik Sport Headphones consist of a metal rim on the edges of which there are vacuum headphones. In addition to the rim at the temples attached sensors by means of which the device measures various indicators. In addition, there are sensors and the cushions of the headphones. All that is necessary to measure the pulse, the time of contact with the surface, cadence, and some other parameters. All the data are synchronized with your smartphone or tablet (though hardly anyone would run on the tablet).

As for the initial application Parrot Zik Sport – listening to music, the headphones perfectly cope with this task. Data exchange is carried out with a smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0. Parrot Zik Sport will be available later this year. Exactly when it will happen, and how much will cost headphones – not known.

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