Pentax KS-1 Sweets Collection

Pentax KS-1 Sweets Collection

Pentax just introduced the Sweets Collection edition if its already striking Pentax KS-1. Although these models do not usually come out of Japan, it seems that this time at least in Spain also have the opportunity to buy and so conjoining them with our clothes and be the cheeks of the neighborhood. Because surely they are designed for it, they have nothing new beyond its design.

This edition is available in three colors, all with mostly white body and colored accents Lime Pie (green), Blue Cream Soda (blue) or Strawberry Cake (pink). Yes, the names are as striking as the colors themselves.

In any case, we do not take a joke what’s inside, because it remains the excellent Pentax KS-1 presented a few months ago. You know, 20.1 Megapixels, 3-axis stabilized sensor, ISO up to 51,200, we are little more you can ask. Of course, if yours is like street photography, these issues are not your thing, unless you want to capture everyone looking at you.

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