Philips Series 7900 Smart TV CPU Android 4.2

Take four professional skiers, take them in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in North America, vestiteli at all points with as many as 7000 LED head and let them shoot at night, this is the plan of sweetgrass productions and Philips for the new promotional video of the TV Ambilight. Atmosphere truly breathtaking and a unique sequence, with the soft and plentiful snow that turns in their path were obtained new images but very difficult to achieve.

Philips decided to surprise with such a movie, but his new series of Ultra HD LED TV Ambilight is itself able to attract attention; the Series 7900 Ultra Slim fact hides a secret weapon more than the competition. This 49-inch has a hardware almost unusual for the category: quad-core CPU, maximum resolution 4K (3840 x 2160), PMR Ultra 600 Hz 3D 25W of audio power, and Android Smart Features, you win! On board we find the Google operating system in version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, with lots of play and store 1.6 GB of storage (expandable via USB) to install the app.

The brightness and clarity of the Philips Ambilight TV is therefore not the only fiorre crown, this model is in fact much more than a TV, we see it as a true hybrid that bring together many of the multimedia needs into a single product. We will find it Google Play Music Play Movies and Google already pre-installed, like YouTube, OnLive and the Chrome browser for surfing the web, the more quickly and easily than is possible today with a common Smart TV.

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