PlayStation 4.5

It is not unreasonable to think that is as Sony watching the market (people who do not mind spending 900 euros on a virtual reality system), the company is working on a more powerful version of its PlayStation 4 rumors and they have dubbed PlayStation 4.5. This would have a more powerful console hardware and would be designed for Gaming at 4K resolution, but obviously it would be far more expensive than the current model.

It is clear that the market is moving towards the Gaming 4K resolution in recent times. However, the current PlayStation 4 Sony is a console that can barely move full HD resolution and often have to “castrate” games at 30 FPS or rescale the resolution for the hardware PS4 is able to move (without going further look at one of the most famous exclusive PS4 games. Bloodborne limited to 30 FPS and still suffers terrible slumps).

PlayStation 4.5”

Personally I always said I would rather pay 800 euros for a able to move all in Full HD PlayStation and smooth 60 FPS 400 by the current model. And it seems that as many more people have thought and Sony has realized this, because according to rumors suggest the company would be working on a more powerful supposed PlayStation 4.5 with hardware-oriented Gaming 4K, which logically would make titles in full HD resolution at 60 FPS functioned without too much trouble.

PS4 4K

The current PlayStation 4 Sony not only does not support 4K resolution, but your reader Blu-ray is not compatible with this resolution. So we could see, always bearing in mind that we handle rumors and conjecture, a PlayStation 4.5 with Blu-ray 4K and HDMI 2.0 output with hardware capable of moving games to that resolution, that is, that Sony would opt practically change the AMD custom hardware current PS4 by a computer in mini ITX format (one Steam Machine, come on).

This not only would result in a able to move games in Full HD resolution at 60 FPS without problems or even games (and multimedia content) 4K resolution console, but we would have a console that does not require external hardware to move games with PlayStation VR. As far as I’m concerned I look perfect, I do not know what you think

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