PlayStation 4 Neo

Sony has not officially announced the PlayStation 4 NEO, the enhanced version of the PS4, but the leaks and rumors continue to occur, and according to these, it seems that we should not have to wait long before he put his hand on the new console.

In recent days, in fact, it has been leaked online a Sony document in which it was confirmed that all the upcoming titles from October 2016 will support both the classic version of PS4 is the Neo version. At this, a few hours ago, it added the Spanish version of Amazon, which seems to have put for a few minutes in the list PlayStation 4 Neo.

PlayStation 4 Neo

The page, promptly removed from Amazon, showed October 13, 2016 as the release date of the console and a sale price of 400 euro, in line with what has already emerged last month.

Many clues, in short, seem to come to an almost confirmed, not to mention that the time is perfect for the Christmas shopping boom. At this point we just have to wait for the Sony official.

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