PNI Sensor

PNI Sensor

PNI company introduced the eve of CES 2015 kit for developers, called SENtrode. According to the manufacturer, SENtrode – the first set of developers that combines sensors, sensor hub PNI SENtral, algorithms for processing sensor signals, programmable processor and wireless connectivity in the form factor bracelet. As stated, SENtrode accelerate the creation of smart watches, monitors activity and physical condition, as well as other devices, wearable electronics.

PNI Sensor produces kit for developers of smart watches and other wearable electronics

At the same time presented the second version SENtrode in the housing, designed to develop solutions Internet of things, including home appliances and sensors networks.

Dimensions SENtrode for wearable electronics – 31,55 x 37,15 x 8,28 mm, SENtrode for IoT – 31,55 x 37,55 x 8,65 mm.

One of the key components is SENtral module M & M – miniature board with an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and a pressure sensor. The board is also a controller that combines sensor readings by special algorithms. Discrete sensor is the heart rate. Additionally, you can buy a motherboard with a humidity sensor and a gas analyzer. The kit includes an adapter Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth LE), a processor ARM Cortex M4, the battery capacity of 70 mA ∙ h, Programmer JTAG, case and strap.

Sales have already begun at the price of $ 299.

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