PNY HP v232w

PNY Technologies Inc., one of the leading manufacturers in the development and manufacture of graphics cards, flash memory, USB pen drives, etc. has introduced its new HP v232w USB 2.0 USB memory drives, designed for users looking for a stylish unit And timeless design, while at the same time resistant to wear that generates the continued use of this type of units over time.

Made using a high-quality metal case and a very stylish design that completely covers the NAND memory chips and its controller, this handheld unit is capable of storing in its interior huge amounts of user data such as files, photos, Music, movies, etc. thanks to being manufactured in variants of 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB. The metal casing has an anti-scratch treatment applied by electronic plating that not only allows you to keep your original appearance intact as if you just took it out of the plastic blister in which the unit is sold, but allows you to automatically differentiate a unit Original copy of a cheaper copy.
To avoid future problems, PNY has chosen to use a capless design, which avoids having to be aware of where it can be forgotten, and bypassing the use of retractable connectors that can be locked in an internal position, making the unit unusable and Inaccessible the data stored in it.

The use of the USB 2.0 connector makes the v232w a fully compatible USB pen drive with a USB connector, whether this 3.0, 2.0 or even lower versions of the same standard, ensuring complete compatibility between Windows and Mac platforms. Data read speed of this model is 14 MB / s, while the writing is quite modest, being only 4 MB / s (I do not want to imagine what it can take to fill the 64 GB Of maximum size of one of these models at only 4 MB / s, an eternity is little). In any case, these units are sold more for their attractive external design, which is undeniable, than for their great data transfer speeds.

The brand has not commented on the availability or price that will have these models when they go on sale.

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