Pro-ject The Classic

The Austrian brand Pro-Ject has been offering record players of excellent value for money for decades, and became known with very affordable models, simple mechanics but great sound. His catalog now covers models from 199 euros (the Elemental) to references such as the Signature model (close to 10,000 euros), but we focus here on the model launched in 2016 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand and whose name is a Wink to fans of music on vinyl: The Classic, on sale for 999 euros, price that includes the arm but not the capsule (optionally available with an Ortofon 2M Silver).

The Pro-Ject The Classic is a record player whose aesthetic reminiscent of the creations that became popular in the seventies, with a wooden chassis seen and an aluminum machined plate, whose resonances have been cushioned using TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) polymers. The sub-chassis that maintains the arm and the axis of rotation is also of aluminum, but unlike the traditional plates that counted on a delicate suspension with base of springs to isolate it of the engine and the surroundings, Pro-Ject has bet in The Classic by a system of elastic coupling also with polymers that facilitates a lot of installation (no set-up or maintenance are necessary), but still excellent insulation (declared signal-to-noise ratio is 71 dB) and agile sound, Rhythmic and fast.

The traction of the plate is by strap, which helps to isolate the vibrations of the engine, and the arm is a model with 9-inch-long carbon-aluminum composite pipe. The base of the arm, the always critical bearings that must have a close tolerance to zero to avoid inaccuracies in the needle reading in the grooves, but at the same time allow as free movements as possible for the needle to “follow” those same Grooves, comes from Japan with bearings of the highest quality (in zirconium). This base also allows easy adjustment of both the “azimuth” angle (relative inclination of the capsule relative to the disc in the lateral direction) and of the VTA or angle of “attack” of the needle on the plate: each capsule needs an optimum angle in That direction, with the most fallen arm in its back, or vice versa higher, and the different height of each capsule (distance between the mounting surface in the arm and the needle) requires from a certain level that the plate , Rather the arm, allows this adjustment to be made to allow optimum needle set-up.

The wood base finish is available in three different colors, and the dish has a practical transparent acrylic lid to keep dust out. The dimensions of the Pro-Ject The Classic are (with the lid closed): 460x131x351 mm (Width x Height x Depth) and its weight of 10.2 kg.

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