Pure Pop Bluetooth

Pure Pop Bluetooth

As well, a brand has always been associated with digital radios, has expanded its family of products, launching the Pure Pop range consists of three models of different sizes. A compose it are the radio Mini Pop, Pop Midi and Maxi Pop. The name comes from the large button placed on all models with a simple pressure starts tuning stations. When turned on again, always with one press of the same button, the radio will start with the tune to the last station selected, and the same volume pre-set.

Radios receive both FM signals, and the signals digitally. Mini is the smallest model, with dimensions that facilitate transportation. Midi adds Bluetooth connectivity for streaming from any compatible source.

Pop Maxi, finally, has two transducers stereo, unlike most compact models, which are mono. All models work with normal batteries, but can be equipped with optional rechargeable battery. Prices are set at 99 Euro for Mini Pop, Pop 129 Euro to 149 Euro for Midi and Maxi Pop.

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