There is now not only an app for everything, but also a device for every application. The Tablet QOOQ V3 is ideal to prove that point.

Meanwhile, the QOOQ V3 is the third model in the series, too bad this business idea seems therefore not to run. After the two predecessors of the French manufacturer were equipped with a special Linux distribution, it now relies on Android 4.4. In order for the tablet in the kitchen also takes no damage, it is both dust and splash-proof, even knife should be able not harm the instrument.

The stand allows you to view recipes in a pleasant perspective and complements the striking case in red or white. Technically, the QOOQ V3 does not have much to offer in the face of the display with 1280 x 800 pixels of the Tegra SoC with a 4-gigabyte RAM almost seems a bit too large.

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