Qualcomm LG G Flex 2

Qualcomm LG G Flex 2

“A new smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 800 will be launched next week at CES – here’s a first look”: reads the short text posted by Qualcomm on Twitter, accompanied by a picture unequivocal. The buttons, the finish of the rear shell, everything suggests that it is an LG. In particular, the not yet announced but already much talked G Flex 2.

It’s worth spending some reflection on the words chosen by Qualcomm: the reference to the 800 series of Snapdragon could mean either that the Flex 2 will mount an “old” 801 or 805 (which nevertheless remains the best SoC in circulation), or in the sense side that it adopts a processor of that line. It is not excluded that the Flex make the transition to the Snapdragon 810, although it would not be a real priority: are other cards that the smartphone LG could play to convince potential buyers.

First, the unique shape and features of the product, guaranteed by the adoption of a curved screen OLED-based plastic. Except for the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, is the only product of its kind in the market, and rumors say that the second version should ensure higher resolution and more compact overall for the terminal. In addition, among other qualities already boasted by the original Flex is a back coating of a special polymer that can “self-repair” minor scratches and abrasions: Version 2 should integrate the evolution of the same material, capable of increasing the ‘effectiveness of the solution.

Finally, there is a detail not to be overlooked: in the images circulated by Asus last week you could see just a terminal with rear buttons similar to those used traditionally by LG from G2. There may be some surprises in Las Vegas, then, though it remains likely that LG does have a Flex 2 ready to display.

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