Rayovac Adventurer

Rayovac Adventurer

Under the brand presented Rayovac batteries mobile Rescuer, Power Pack and Adventurer, allowing to recharge your smartphone or other device under conditions where the outlet is not available. Battery life exceeds 300 charge cycles.

Rescuer model is interesting in that it established the elements of size AA (four pieces), a charge which is used to power mobile devices. On the other hand, using a device Rescuer, connected to the port USB, you can charge the batteries size AA (up to four pieces at a time). Charge level gives an indication LED. Rescuer $ 25 worth.
Price Power Pack Weekender – $ 60

Model Power Pack is available in two versions: DayTripper capacity of 2000 mA ∙ h and capacity Weekender 6000 mA ∙ h (the latter is shown in the illustration). These batteries have a secure version, which allows them to withstand a fall from a height of two meters. Degree of protection against external influences – IP67. Charge level gives an indication LED. Model DayTripper has one port USB, Weekender – two, the total load capacity is equal to 3.4 A (1.0 A + 2.4 A). Price Power Pack DayTripper is $ 40, Power Pack Weekender – $ 60.

Tourists and more may be interested in model Adventurer, capacity of which 10 400 mA ∙ h. This battery also has a secure execution and can be stored in a charged state up to six months, and its load capacity is 3.4 A. Price Adventurer – $ 60.

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