Roccat Cross

Roccat has presented its new multi-platform supraaural helmets called Cross, whose main novelty is the possibility of being able to be used in both personal computers and smartphones and tablets thanks to having two different types of cables that can be separated from the device at the user’s convenience and Depending on whether they are to be used in one type of device or another, although in both cases they use 3.5 mm mini jack connectors for their connections.

Roccat has always made good helmets. I still fondly remember the Kave headphones I had six years ago, which left me really impressed by the sound they were able to reproduce. However, this time we talk about a completely different beast since the Cross, unlike most computer headphones that are manufactured at the moment, have neither a sound card nor use the USB connection to connect to the computer If not more traditional mini-jack connectors; Therefore, the final quality of the audio will depend a lot on the quality of the sound card that we have in our equipment. Luckily, the quality of the models integrated in the motherboards has increased considerably in the last year, so that often the only thing that separates a good quality of audio from a bad one are the speakers and / or helmets that we use to reproduce it .


Since the audio connections are different between mobile devices and personal computers, since in the first the microphone connector is on the same cable as the audio of the speakers, its connector is different using a three-segment; This is compared to the independent connectors commonly used in computers where the audio cable of the headset and the microphone are completely independent and employ individual connectors. To solve this problem, Roccat has decided to create its Cross with two independent and interchangeable sets of connection cables that allow its use between both platforms without ever losing the possibility of using the microphone.

The hulls are obviously stereo and employ two 50mm diameter neodymium drivers equalized to give a powerful bass, and with glasses that align perfectly with the ears to minimize the input of sound from the outside that can spoil Our hearing experience, especially if we use them in very noisy environments such as public transportation.

The new Roccat Cross will arrive in stores on December 8 at a price of € 69.99.

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