Samsung 850 Pro Evo SSD

Samsung 850 Pro Evo SSD

SSD memory were given in recent years donated increasing capacity and were at the same time cheaper. Now Samsung heralds with two new SSDs once again in a new era. Samsung has both SSD series and Pro Evo namely expanded with a 2TB model. Both the Samsung 850 Pro and the Samsung 850 Evo will be available shortly in the trade, the former is priced at € 1,049.99, the latter at € 869.99.

In both SSDs Samsung’s new 3D V-NAND memory is used. 32 Layer 128Gb 3D V-NAND flash chips and an updated MHX controller are used to achieve these large capacity. As a buffer beyond even used a 4GB LPDDR3 DRAM chip. The Pro version is, as the name suggests, are used in high-end range. Samsung promises here a lifetime of 10 years or 300TB written data. When Evo variant lifetime still amounts to 5 years, and 150TB of data stored.


The read speeds specified vary a little bit in the models. The Pro reads with a maximum of 550MB / s, the Evo with a maximum of 540MB / s. Be able both with 520MB / s. About the yet integrated S-ATA interface is probably a lot more technically impossible, sooner or later, the SSDs will have to rely on the PCI Express interface in the future.

Now once again the question of questions: Who needs currently have an SSD with such a large capacity? For the stores of large numbers of files I use, for example, currently have a magnetic hard disk. The is simply much cheaper to buy, and if you get there anyway rarely accesses it, the data throughput is sufficient. How do you think? Would you pick one you, even for the current price of SSDs, with so much capacity?

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