Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Android N

The surprise could come this summer if we’re right with this news that arrives from Korean soil. And the Galaxy Note 6 could advance the supposed arrival date to July, just in the middle.

Best of the alleged would-dated is that the Android software to N, which also places us before a new version of Android to be presented before this July. Samsung would have a fairly privileged position if he could sell the Galaxy Note 6 Android a few weeks that this was released.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Android N

Are increasingly users looking to buy a new smartphone that has the latest version of Android, aside from being able to access new features, also it allows you to be at greater update cycle if one knows how to choose the appropriate date for it.

The Galaxy Note 5 was released in August, and now it seems that July would be the perfect time to get ahead of the launch, as happened with the Samsung Galaxy S7 presented at the Mobile World Congress last month.

Specifications can say little other than to rely on some other rumor that has appeared in recent months trying to get ahead of that hardware. A 5.8-inch screen size increases the Galaxy Note 5 and a RAM that happen at 6 GB of RAM, something that seems too much for a smartphone if you wanted to surprise users with this figure. The camera can continue to expect the exceptional quality of the Galaxy S7, so nothing would surprise us in this regard.

A story that must be left in space to confirm rumors in future entries where the shots go on the same side

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