Samsung Radiant 360 R7

Samsung Radiant 360 R7

One of the most interesting products which Samsung introduced earlier this year at CES 2015 was the new generation of wireless speakers of the company. The curved shape and high quality materials are not only reliable guarantee for maximum sound quality, but also for their elegant and modern design. Samsung now confirmed officially that start sales of innovative speaker Radiant R7 360 in the global market by the end of the month forward wmpoweruser.

The impressive sound due to the innovative technology Ring Radiator, which ensures optimum balance between bass and tweeters even within a radius of 360 degrees. Thus wherever you place them in the room you can expect a sound that will surprise you with its quality, and eliminates the need to further customize Radiant 360 R7. Smartphones and tablets can be used as a remote to control the whole operation from a distance.

There are also additional features to connect them to other mobile devices and gadgets in their homes, as it can create playlists and more. Samsung’s new speakers look pretty attractive, ensuring maximum quality and can be purchased at a relatively affordable price. Korean giant launched sales in the next few weeks, users will be able to buy them for € 460.

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