Samsung SE790C

Samsung SE790C

For some time, is gaining a new trend in the field of TV which provides for the adoption of screens and curved design. According to the manufacturer this feature should provide a visual experience more immersive and engaging, although it is quite fed the ranks of the skeptics. Real unless it is a trend that is emerging over time, confirmed by the flowering of new products that use this new feature.


Not immune to the trend also display dedicated to PC, as evidenced by the presentation by Samsung model SE790C: we are facing a monitor LED generous size, 34 “diagonal, which does not spare even the resolution is 3440×1440 pixels, “spread” on a surface with proportions 21: 9.

Superior design, Samsung offers SE790C-level connectivity 2 HDMI ports, one DisplayPort and 4 USB 3.0 ports, which can also recharge mobile devices. The contrast ratio, static, is 3000: 1, the brightness is 300cd declared / m2 and the response time of around 4ms. Excellent declared values for viewing angles, 178 degrees for either the vertical or horizontal axis. To signal functions Picture-by-Picture (P by P), and Picture-in-Picture (PiP) 2.0, as well as optimization of the factory to the field of gaming (unspecified if not generically as improvements blurred areas). Currently was not disclosed the sale price, although it is easy to guess that it will not be a model of the first price.

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