Samsung tests flexible displays

Samsung tests flexible displays

The information on this test run with a fully functional smartphone comes directly from industry sources from the environment by Samsung, without being able to give away too many details. For example, it is still unclear whether a salable model arises from the experiments, which is suitable for the mass market. More likely is more of a strictly limited premium model, which, like the Samsung Galaxy Round could be sold only in South Korea. For this latter course speaks mainly to the fact that the production of the necessary plastic substrate can be completed for the Youm displays only in small amounts.

This in turn would suit another rumor which says that there could be a special edition with a flexible display from Samsung Galaxy Note 4. If this be true, then the necessary information should be proclaimed with great probability on September 3, when Samsung Unpacked be 2014 Episode 2 keeps at the IFA 2014. Recently, the rumor was warmed with a flexible display for the Galaxy Note 4 again, together with a metal housing.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 should not be equipped with a flexible display, the Youm-technology is an important development for Samsung. Nevertheless, you could be so silenced critics who say that the group from South Korea was innovationsarm. For by one over the edges curved display as described in a patent, you could implement new ways to use his device, which it has not been there before. And since the CES 2013 is likely to have done so much in this direction.

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