Seagate BarraCuda ST5000 5TB

Seagate moves the bar of HDD capacities even higher, presenting a series of 2.5-inch drives with a maximum record capacity as well 5TB, Barracuda ST5000. But be careful: it is not about units intended for mobile PCs, because the thickness is not standard 7mm but the much more “often” 15mm. What are they then? Seagate represents that your use is designed for systems All In One Desktop and slim, or those PCs that normally make use of these particular units. We will see them also in external storage drives, or 2.5-inch portable hard drives that do not require power but to fortnita from the USB port.

The thickness of 15mm is necessary in these units because they have to hold up to five dishes, each 1TB (announced in January): even with the best intentions, it is physically impossible to insert plates 5 in the units from 7mm thick, the sector in which, however Seagate places other products.
The new Barracuda ST5000 is also flanked by Barracuda Barracuda models ST3000 ST4000 respectively 3TB and 4TB of capacity, has a rotation speed of 5400rpm and 128MB of cache, while the front transfer rate does not have official news.

News also in hard disk 2.5-inch 7mm, with the presentation of the model of 2TB FireCuda family. Are units with 8GB of NAND flash memory, in fact hybrid, which could achieve higher performance in the use anyway as a special replication algorithm in the flash memory the data used most often. Nothing is known about price, while the warranty is 2 years for Barracuda ST5000, ST4000 and ST3000, 5 years for new FireCuda 2TB.

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