Securedrive Autothysis128

Securedrive Autothysis128

Data security is a sensitive issue, especially if, for example, devices with sensitive data on it is lost or stolen just for businesses or entrepreneurs.

The British company Secure Drive, however, has now found a way: SSDs that can self-destruct. The trick is that the data is not easily erased, but the complete flash memory SSD is physically destroyed. Thus, no more data can be read after this destruction.

There are two or more options, as the SSD can be destroyed. The safest option is probably the destruction via SMS. Yes, you read correctly, SMS. The SSDs come with their own built-in GSM module, which can be reached by special extinguishing number.

Alternatively, there are also various automatisms, that you can activate. Too frequently enter the wrong PIN in remove the SSD from the PC / notebook, with completely empty battery, and so on. All of this is optional and can be decided by the user. There’s also an optional ‘token’, which provides additional security and comfort. For example, the SSD will only be locked in standby the unit, if the token has been removed from the reach of the SSD – so if you move away from the device. By default, the SSD will also be completely destroyed when trying to open the case.

As such an exciting thing when you work with very sensitive data.
And at the price of around 1,027 British pounds – about 1300 Euros – for the Autothysis128t hardly a normal consumer will probably strike. Especially since here also, additional fees of 29 pounds per year for the GSM module will be added. This is directly contain the token. Who wants to save some and give up the token can choose the smaller Autothysis128s – which is 967 pounds, or about 1,270 euros, but not really cheap.

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