Something is changing in the world of home. The appliances have gained a level and increasingly looking to become more efficient and environmentally friendly, but above all make life easier, save time in most cases do not have. Already says a famous phrase “How curious are men: they all have clock but none have time” but for better or worse, every time we spend less time on household chores. Therefore, having a robot vacuum cleaner as Seebest C561 (we could say that is the lowcost version of the iRobot Roomba) is essential.

We review their characteristics and seek the best price online.

Features Seebest C561


Chinese vacuum robots are stomping thanks to their low prices and the many possibilities offered when cleaning. Specifically this Seebest C561 offers 5 modes of cleanliness and comfort of being able to program, return to the charging base, establish prohibited areas through virtual walls and detect the dirtiest in order to establish the best route areas, but we can also control it so remotra . Moreover, it also incorporates fall protection systems and collision and UV light to disinfect bacteria typically found on the floor of the home.

The robot vacuum cleaner Seebest C561 incorporates an LCD screen, a dual turbine for greater suction power and a noise below other similar devices (less than 55 dB). As for the battery has 1,500 mAh which gives us a working time of about 2 hours (can cover up to 120 square meters) and a charging time of about 4 hours.

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