Sevenhugs Smart Remote

If you look at all we have at home an endless number of remote controls. For TV, DVD, Home Cinema, stereo, air conditioning … There are so many that sometimes we do not know where we left or even confused with each other. For this not to happen to us, this week we present you as innovative project Sevenhugs Smart Remote, a universal remote control.

How Sevenhugs Smart Remote works

Sevenhugs Smart Remote
To forget about so much remote control comes Sevenhugs Smart Remote. It is a driver that is compatible with a large number of devices. To use it you only have to point to the one you want to handle, as long as it is compatible. Then the interface that you need to control the device in question will appear on the screen.
This remote uses Bluetooth, WiFi or infrared to work. Its creators claim that it can be used with more than 25,000 different devices. Such as telescopes, consoles, lights, thermostats, smart shutters or loudspeakers.

Collective Funding for Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Sevenhugs Smart Remote
The creators of Sevenhugs Smart Remote have decided to invest in crowdfunding to get their project going. For this they have launched a campaign on Kickstarter with which they sought to raise the $ 50,000 they needed to bring to market this remote. We can say that it has been a success, since when it is still more than a month to conclude and have collected more than $ 420,000.

If you found this universal driver interesting you can get one on the same page of the campaign for $ 149. Of course, you will have to be patient since the calculations of their manufacturers place their shipment in June 2017.

Without doubt a very interesting innovative project that will greatly simplify the control of the different devices that we all have in our home.

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