Shark Zone K15

The popular German designer and manufacturer Sharkoon today announced its new membrane keyboard Shark Zone K15, a new model that aims to focus only on aspects that what users consider “essential” to get the best gaming experience but without having to Spend a small fortune in trying to get it. To do this, its engineers have taken the form of the already simple Shark Zone K20 and have refined yet more but without sacrificing at any time the durability and resistance that has always presented that model of keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards may be “the most” when it comes to play, but it is undeniable that they cost too much for the vast majority of users, especially for those who are new or whose age does not allow them to have a source of income high enough As to be able to afford an expert in sweet like that. For them, a model like the Shark Zone K15 is the perfect tool to start in these lids given its low price and accessibility. The keyboard has the main body built in metal to ensure the durability of the set over time and the multiple games sessions to which it will be submitted by its users.

Shakoon Shark Zone K15 01

The keyboard also includes a wrist rests on its bottom to enable improved ergonomics and ease of use without an excessive tiring for users’ wrists. It also includes a total of 7 function keys, with which we can open our Internet browser, media player or email manager that we have installed on our computer with the simple press of a key. The keyboard is connected to the computer via a USB cable and for proper operation does not require the installation of any specific driver or software.

The Sharkoon Shark Zone K15 is now available for purchase at a price of € 24.99. Now, seeing this keyboard and the Biostar GK3 of which I spoke yesterday and it costs only € 45, ie only € 20 plus, and if it is mechanical and backlit, I think that Sharkoon are quite wrong to position this keyboard.

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