Shuttle XH97V

Shuttle XH97V

Shuttle, a leader in the landscape of Barebone Systems and compact high-performance, announced the new Slim-PC XH97V, product platform based on the latest generation Intel Haswell. Even XH97V is a barebones and like its predecessors will arrive on the market without CPU and RAM components that must be chosen by the user according to their needs.

The compatibility is ensured with CPU Socket LGA 1150 which have a TDP of 65 Watt (for obvious reasons of heat dissipation) and Memories DDR3 SODIMM with a capacity of 16GB.

As regards the expansion will find place for an optical drive slim in addition to a bay for HDD or SSD 2.5 “; the motherboard, equipped with Intel chipset H97, provides two slots mini PCI-E, SATA 6 Gbps, USB 3.0 and HDMI / Display Port with a capacity to handle three monitors.

The product is expected to arrive in the shop these days, for the price we assume a figure above 200 Euro.

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