SilverStone PS11

SilverStone PS11

Marked as “new” in the catalog SilverStone appeared inexpensive housing for PC-based motherboard ATX or microATX. Hull design provides lower occupancy PS11 power supply of up to 225 mm. The housing is available in two versions, one of which (SST-PS11B-W) has a window in the side of the grid and the front panel, and the other (SST-PS11B-Q) – sound absorbing coating and hidden vents on the front panel.

The special features of buildings SST-PS11B-W and SST-PS11B-Q manufacturer considers easily accessible filters for easy cleaning, and the presence of a pallet in front of the motherboard CPU socket holes, which simplifies the installation of the cooler. By the way, the maximum height of CPU cooler – 161 mm.

The body is placed two drive size 5.25 inches, three drive size 3.5 inch and two 2.5-inch drive size. It is possible to install seven expansion cards. Their maximum length is 412 mm.

On the front panel there is room for two fans size 120 or 140 mm. One fan size 120 mm is set by the manufacturer. Even one same fan can be fastened there to the rear wall and the bottom of the housing. Modification SST-PS11B-W involves fixing one or two size 120 mm fans on the top wall.

IO panel contains the usual set of connectors: two connectors USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5 mm jack for microphone and headphones.

With dimensions of 215,3 x 426,5 x 481,5 mm case weighs 4,825 kg, and its recommended retail price is about $ 50.

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