Slimbook ONE

The Spanish assembler Slimbook presents his commitment to computers “literally” desktop with ONE, a small device in the style of the Intel NUC but endowed inside of powerful processors of the series Core i5 and Core i7 and that, as we have Accustomed to this brand, we can configure completely according to our needs of use in the processor model, the amount of internal RAM, the type of internal storage, etc.

The new Slimbook device is here. A mini pc that comes equipped with Intel 6th generation processors that give a higher clock speed and an energy consumption that is clearly lower than the models that existed so far in the market. The new ONE can be configured to use Intel Core i5-6200U processors operating at 2.30 GHz base rate and 2.80 GHz with the Turbo Boost enabled, or an Intel Core i7-6500U that uses frequencies of 2.50 GHz base speed And 3.10 GHz with the Turbo Boost. Intel is also responsible for graphics using the graphics card integrated into the processor itself that is able to reproduce seamlessly resolutions FullHD 1080 and UltraHD 4K. Also the WiFi card so that the Slimbook ONE becomes the favorite place of work and leisure of the users.

Since Slimbook wants its users to enjoy their equipment for many years, they have preferred to give the ONE semi-active cooling instead of using the completely passive that other brands usually use in this type of systems, In operation when it is really necessary for the equipment by workload, which I do not think will be many given that they use ultra low voltage processors and with a TDP of only 15 W, unless its users use them to Render things on the fly.
As for RAM, the ONE can be configured with 4, 8 and 16 GB of DDR3 memory (personally I would have preferred to use DDR4 for using less voltage and allowing larger modules) and the storage is initially run by an SSD M.2 with sizes of 64, 120, 250 or 500GB, although it can be expanded using a second hard drive of 500GB, 1 or 2TB capacity, I guess 2.5 inches. The brand allows to choose between two manufacturers as Crucial or Samsung as options to mount this second disc.

The new Slimbook ONE can be asked to come with a Linux operating system installed as standard, since the company is a big driver of free software, although you can also choose to send us sis no operating system installed, or with Windows 10 In the Home or Pro versions.

The basic version of the ONE with the Intel Core i5 processor costs € 449, while the Core i7 processor costs € 549.

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