Smartgyro X2 and SmartGyro XL2

Smartgyro has introduced two new electric skates that add Bluetooth connection so we can connect the smartphone and configure a lot of settings. Electric skates Smartgyro X2 and Smartgyro XL2 improve the original hoverboards, as smartphone can connect to and configure settings such as maximum speed or sensitivity for changes in direction. In addition, one of the most striking new feature is that new electrical skates incorporate stereo two speakers to listen to music we have on our smartphone. Let’s review what we offer new Smartgyro X2 and Smartgyro XL2.

X2 SmartGyro

The hoverboard, or electric skates, have become an alternative means of transport to walk. Although not yet too see the streets of cities, users have begun to get their attention. One of the most important manufacturers of these devices is the Spanish Smartgyro, which has introduced two new models that, although it sounds weird, stand out for their connectivity. The Smartgyro X2 is equipped with two wheels “Run-Flat” 6.5-inch reinforced sidewalls and antipinchazos. Furthermore, the Smartgyro XL2 has two 10-inch tires, stable and resistant, which ensure better cushioning. Both models have a certified Samsung battery of 4,400 milliamps and 700W brushless motor, which allow them to achieve a range of up to 20 kilometers at a maximum speed of 12 km / h. The range of supported weight is 20 to 110 Kg. Both feature IP54 certification and are able to climb slopes up to 15 degrees.


SmartGyro XL2

But the most important novelty, both X2 and the Smartgyro Smartgyro XL2 is that both have Bluetooth wireless connectivity to connect to the smartphone. Once connected, the company has made available to users with a mobile app, available for Android and iOS smartphones, which lets you configure many settings skate. Among the options you can set are the maximum speed, the force required to move or sensitivity to make changes of direction. Through this application we can also perform system checks, set a timer and check the travel speed or distance traveled. Even we can locate the hoverboard.

Besides for parameter setting and control device, the Bluetooth connection incorporating new electrical skates Smartgyro also allow us to send music mobile skate. Why would we want to do that? For both X2 and the Smartgyro Smartgyro XL2 integrated into its chassis with two stereo speakers that can listen to music and so make our trip more fun.

SmartGyro XL2

Both models have the ability to optionally purchase numerous accessories such as a carrying bag, hub caps, case, trolley or silicone cases. The electric skateboard Smartgyro X2 is now available in eight different colors (white, blue, red, black, gold, carbon, street and urban) at a price of 269 euros. As for the larger model, the Smartgyro XL2 is available in three different colors (carbon, street and city) for a price of 369 euros.

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