Snapdragon Automotive Solutions QNX Neutrino OS

Snapdragon Automotive Solutions QNX Neutrino OS

Exhibition CES is always full of not only consumer electronics devices market. Car giants also often show at the event their new products. And sometimes the representatives of the first and second segments join forces and show us “stuffed” with electronics cars near future.

One such cars could be seen on the stand of Qualcomm. In this case the used car Maserati Quattroporte GTS, although it does not matter. Together with QNX Software Systems Limited, which is owned by BlackBerry, Qualcomm unveiled platform Snapdragon Automotive Solutions. As it is written on the company’s website, the car has received advanced technology for infotainment and driver assistance. Systems have a high-resolution interface with multitouch support, a three-dimensional graphics for navigation and laser equipment to detect obstacles. In the case of a particular car, who was present at CES, is also worth noting mirrors equipped with displays.

The platform is based on the QNX Neutrino OS and QNX CAR Platform. Entrusted with the operation on her entertainment systems and safety systems of the car. In particular, a plurality of cameras that provide all-round visibility, ultrasonic sensors, sensors, LIDAR, parking system and so on. In addition, the platform supports voice control. All this requires sufficient processing power, which should provide SoC Snapdragon 602A with four Krait cores and GPU Adreno 320. In essence, this is an analogue of consumer SoC Snapdragon 600. Of course, to a brand new Tegra X1 this decision very far, but even such a platform enough in order to get the “car of the future.”

Of course, thanks to this decision, the car will get all the features of “the connected” device, ie, Snapdragon Automotive Solutions provide auto wireless interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, GPS and support for LTE. You can not even mention the 12-inch touch screen, which displays all the necessary information and by means of which the functions are managed and cars. Snapdragon 602A exists in the market for a year, so the first cars based on the platform Snapdragon Automotive Solutions may appear in the near future.

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