Sony Bravia X85C 2015

Sony Bravia X85C 2015

Smart TV manufacturers are beginning to realize the importance of offering a powerful ecosystem on their computers and some of them have begun to bet on more advanced operating systems like WebOS LG or Samsung with Tizen. For Sony just met his television at CES 2015 proposal passing through the Android operating system, among other things. We told you all that has given him the conference Japanese firm in connection with television.

The new range of Sony TVs for 2015 will be composed of 12 models 4K UltraHD, highlighting the new processor to enhance the images, the commitment to the Android operating system and the new ultra-slim which has the world’s thinnest model. Here are the new Sony televisions and so we have taught at CES:
New 4K processor X1

One of the first developments through the powerful processor X1 from Sony that offers amazing clarity content in both high definition and standard definition, and even in videos downloaded from the network in low resolution. Have been improved colors and contrast, analyzing each power intelligently to ensure optimum results. The processor is also responsible for reducing image noise.

The following news is Android TV, getting experience with Smart TV from Sony is much more interesting. The Sony Android TV models offers plenty of additional content through the Google operating system. Be possible to use the integrated microphone to search for content, ask questions or operate television. With Google Cast be possible to send content from a smartphone or tablet quickly and easily.
Ultra-slim design and the finest model of the world

In this range of 2015 has continued careful design and all models are now thinner. It is what has been dubbed Ultra-Slim. The culmination of this design have the model X90C with its “floating style” and a thickness of only 4.9 millimeters at its thinnest.

The High Definition Audio makes its official debut at the 2015 TV range models X94C and X93C. This type of sound has a higher quality CD gets older nuances and details. Thanks to DSEE HX, audio enhances any content to the highest quality possible.

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