Sphere 3D V50

Sphere 3D V50

Company Sphere 3D, specializing in virtualization solutions, expanded family of devices V3, designed to create virtual desktops. Model V50 size U2 can deploy medium comprising up to 50 virtual desktops, and centrally manage it. The novelty was the youngest member of the series now includes models V50, V100 and V200. According to the manufacturer, integrating these devices can be scaled on Wednesday to 10 000 jobs and more.
The device Sphere 3D V50 is designed for workgroups and small offices

V50 Specifications include two processors Intel Xeon Processor E5-2630v2 (2,3 GHz, 15 MB cache L3, TDP 80 W), 96 GB of RAM, SSD volume of 1,2 TB, four-port Gigabit Ethernet.

Devices are running software Sphere 3D Desktop Cloud Orchestrator (DCO). According to the manufacturer, DCO radically simplifies the setup and maintenance of the unit, allows remote administration.

The devices are supplied pre-configured for easy integration into existing infrastructure and enables faster into service. The manufacturer positions Sphere 3D V50 as a solution for workgroups and small offices. In addition, it can use large organizations and companies wanting to increase slightly the number of virtual jobs.

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