SSD Samsung SM951

SSD Samsung SM951

Samsung Electronics has announced the start of serial production of miniature solid-state drives SM951 with low power consumption, equipped with interface PCIe. According to the manufacturer, they are designed for ultra-thin notebooks and workstations.
Samsung Electronics starts serial production of SSD SM951 with PCIe interface for mobile computers

SM951 drive interfaces supports PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 2.0. When you connect to PCIe 2.0 in read mode it can reach speeds of up to 1600 MB / s, and in the recording mode – up to 1350 MB / s. This is about three times higher than the latest SSD with SATA interface and higher than the previous model Samsung XP941. Performance read and write random access reaches 130,000 IOPS and 85,000 respectively.

Being connected to PCIe 3.0, the drive SM951 shows speed sequential read and write in 2150 and 1550 MB / s, respectively, roughly four times higher than the best for these indicators SSD Interface SATA. Connection PCIe 3.0 also improves the energy efficiency of over 50% compared with the XP941, as per 1 watt of power for a second reading is performed 450 MB or 250 MB of data recording.

SM951 drive is the first SSD, supporting standardized PCI-SIG-saving mode L1.2, in which all the high-speed circuit switched off as soon as the PC in sleep mode or hibernation mode. In this mode, power consumption does not exceed SM951 2 mW, which is 97% less than 50 mW of power consumed during L1.

In SM951 uses flash memory type MLC NAND, manufactured by Samsung technology 10-nanometer class.

Samsung SM951 drive is made in the size M.2 (80 x 22 mm) and weighs only 6 of available varieties SM951 512, 256 and 128 GB.

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