Tesla Powerwall 2 14 kWh

Los Angeles Elon Musk (Tesla CEO of Energy) are new Power Wall 2 show. Version 2 is to store an improvement over its predecessor, and is now 14 kilowatt hours of electricity. The first Power Wall became available in a version with 7 or 10 kilowatt hours. The new system is characterized by themselves had a rectangular shape, where the first multi-round shapes.

With an increased capacity, it is possible to provide your house remain de-energized. According to Musk, the Power Wall 2 enough energy lamps, various devices to electrical outlets and provide a refrigerator with a 4 bedroom house one day of power. Power Wall can deliver 5 kilowatts of continuous power, with a peak of 7 kilowatts. Incidentally, up to nine Power Wall 2-systems are coupled to each other, for larger homes and businesses.
Tesla also announced new solar panels. However, it is not traditional solar panels as we encounter more and more often on the roofs in the Netherlands, but they look like regular tiles. The pans are made of tempered glass. The sunlight shining through the transparent glass to solar cells, but a texture in the glass gives the appearance of a regular roof tile. Tesla plans to launch different textures.

The ultimate goal of Tesla is to provide every household with its tiles for solar energy, a Power Wall to save energy and an electric car to drive around. Power Wall 2 is in the United States costs $ 5,500. From December to take place the first installations.

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