The compatibility of the PlayStation 4 with the 4K format would be close

The PlayStation 4 could have a big sister very soon that would provide console support 4K resolution. This it may sound strange at first because of the rather poor reception of these screens with 4K resolution for the price of the same, could overturn of the consoles are just adapting.

But before getting down to work we will say that this is a leak coming from a group of game developers, who claim that the Japanese Sony is working on a new console to adapt to these resolutions.
PlayStation 4 with the 4K format

Specifically, the main problem here is not the improvement, which is fine if they just implemented, it relates to users who have the current console would console as something more than two years would give a major leap in the image quality in games, leaving them completely away from these games with 4K resolutions.

We have no official confirmation nor much less by Sony on this rumor, but it is true that if such resolutions are implemented in a new model of PlayStation could be a before and after in all games, but also in her glasses PlayStation VR. At the moment plays monitor the rumor leaked by Kotaku and see what options would Sony to users who have the PS4 and want to upgrade to play this great resolution offered by the 4k.

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