The Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Convertibles have two percent market share, SUVs are the fastest growing and now the second largest vehicle category. What do you get when you mix both? An open offroader. And Jaguar Land Rover says that is not only unique, which will also sell definitely good.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible interior

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible

With incalculable self-confidence, and supported by good registration figures, the traditional British brand Range Rover currently advertises their newest model, the Evoque Cabriolet. A car that no one needs, of the possession but supposedly a lot of people dream. Up to 15 percent of the built annually around 125,000 Evoque have taken up the option with the huge fabric folding roof, which costs more than 60,000 euros in the top equipment.

Because it is not about black British humor, but tangible market share, the developers have carried out extensive fieldwork. Thus a corresponding concept car has since 2012 been on auto shows sent for votes, and the echo was obviously overwhelming. And before the two tonne anrollte in time for summer, even ordered already more than 500 prospective blind.

Visually, the new Evoque offshoot is a real blast, which attracts attention magically. However, you should be investing 18 seconds, in which the roof opens at a touch. Only then stare at the passers-by. Closed hardly takes an outsider perceive the difference to the “normal” Evoque, which combines also tub-like high side wings with narrow slices.

That is probably also the crux of the offer that the manufacturer has a convertible for all seasons calls: It is aimed at people who like to be looked at. Some lifestyle appeal to the car care that goes far beyond the utility.

The convertible, which is there for the sake of body stiffness solely as a two-door has a tiny trunk of 251 liters, which was also designed extremely flat because here some was hidden in folding technique. Mission accomplished: The roof is in a wonderfully flat, only the head restraints and the windbreak disturb the sidelines.

Of the four generous seats, only the front easily accessible. The access to the rear, where the headroom is limited, is an orthopedic questionable exercise when wearing clothes size XL.

Another model typical naughtiness Experienced the open when closed Evoque from: The rear window remains the often criticized “loophole”, a slit, which makes the driver depends 100 percent of rear-view camera and parking beepers.

Last but not least should play a subordinate role and the purchase price, because you pay for lifestyle surcharge. Thus, although the two have to launch engines offered (from 4 June) (from 51,200 euros) while always all-wheel drive, leather upholstery, Touchscreen, 18-inch wheels, dual zone climate control and parking sensors on board.

But the good ingredients of the test car, such as LED spotlights, very good head-up display (HUD) and the effective 360-degree camera are even with the 180-horsepower Ingenium diesel in the top equipment SE Dynamic from 60,300 Euro not here yet.

Quite easy can the Evoque thousands more sink to the Configurator, the 75,000 euro mark falls, because the self-confident costed option list is long. And includes a minor annoyance: The indispensable for longer open rides windbreak always costs 300 euros extra, which is expected to shudder Scots and Swabians alike.

must be so as the air swirler not automatically pops up, but always with difficulty up by hand and degraded, or around rumbles in the trunk. And another decision to make: Is the windbreak once established, can take in the rear seats no more space, because they are covered with.

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