The Samsung Gear S2 is now compatible with iOS

The owners of a Samsung S2 Gear had long been waiting for the possibility to connect your smartwatch to such an iPhone. After a long wait that possibility is now a reality thanks for the update released for Verizon Samsung device, at least in the United States.

So far in other countries this support is not possible, although it is conceivable that it should not be long in coming for example Spain and many other countries. Samsung has not yet confirmed the news, but hopefully soon formalize it and start throwing the update that allows you to connect the smart watch to iOS devices worldwide and smartwatches free.

The Samsung Gear S2 is now compatible with iOS

As usual we do not know too much about this S2 Gear compatibility with iOS, which slowly unravels with the arrival of the update to the devices in all countries of the world. What seems certain is that this will increase sales of the device, which so far had not won too many iPhone owners for the lack of compatibility between the two gadgets.

If you have a Samsung Gear S2 and iPhone you’re in luck, though to be completely happy need to wait a few days for the update is released officially in your country. Yes, despreoc├║pate because once the new version of software for the Gear S2 will announce it to the can install immediately available.

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