Thermalright AXP-100H Muscle

Thermalright has unveiled its new heatsink with AXP-100H Muscle shell structure, designed for mini ITX boxes or for boxes for HTPC systems whose height is not too large, thanks to the use of very small dimensions that enables its installation in that type Of boxes. This is the opportunity that all the holders of this type of systems were waiting for to be able to install a decent refrigeration system for its processors without problems of incompatibilities.

Given the small sizes that are usually used when designing and manufacturing the ITX and HTPC mini boxes, in most cases cooling the processor correctly is always a challenge. In the vast majority of cases, the use of tower-type heat sinks is not possible due to the limited space available for installation with more than possible interference with the top plate of the enclosure or the power supply (in many of the enclosures Type cube, the source is located just above the processor area), being necessary to resort to shell-type (or “C” type) dissipators which, in most cases, are usually only suitable for low power / Consumption and, more often than not, with specially sonic fans when operating at 100% speed.


This is not the case for the Thermalright AXP-100H Muscle, because despite its small dimensions, the heatsink has been designed to withstand TDPs up to 180 W, thanks to its use of a copper base with nickel plating and six heatpipes Redirect the heat from the processor to the cooling fins on the heatsink, where the brand has installed its 100 mm diameter TY-100BW fan which, despite having smaller dimensions than the usual 120/140 mm, Fixes to move up to 44.5 cfm of flow but generating only 30 dBA of loudness, a prime detail for potential owners who will mount this heatsink in an HTPC box, since few things are more unpleasant than watching a movie with Howl of a fan running at full power like ambient sound in the living room.

The heatsink is compatible with all the sockets on the market (except the LGA2011 / 2011-3) including those from AMD (although I would not use it to cool a Bulldozer architecture processor, of course) thanks to its metal backplate. Backplate that can be dispensed with in the event of incompatibilities with the components on the back of the motherboard.

And speaking of incompatibilities, before buying it, I would advise to take a look at the list of boxes that are compatible with the heatsink to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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