Thermalright True Spirit 140 Direct

Thermalright introduced the True Spirit 140 Direct christened CPU cooler. It represents a stripped down version compared to the True Spirit 140 Rev. A, in which the floor plate is missing, the heatpipes are saved and the heat sink is smaller. The EIA amounts to 38 Euros, whereby the delivery is still waiting.

After the release of Thermalright at the end of the year, Macho Direct is now a direct version of the True Spirit 140. Once again, the CPU cooler has been slimmed down in order to be positioned more favorably on the market. The missing base plate is named, so that the heatpipes lie directly on the CPU. Unlike the Macho Direct, it is not the basically same heat sink.
The True Spirit 140 Direct uses five six-mm heatpipes instead of six, which are still nickel-plated. The aluminum lamellas are somewhat more compact, which means that the CPU cooler, together with the missing floor plate, measures 152 × 161 × 77 mm (W × H × T). The larger sister model is 155 × 165 × 80 mm in size and 770 instead of 760 grams in weight. Thermalright states that the True Spirit 140 Direct has been optimized for low airflow. However, the same 140 mm fan, which is controlled by a PWM signal between 300 and 1,300 rpm, is used. Holes in the aluminum lamellas should avoid heat build-up inside the cooler.

According to the True Spirit 140 Direct with a price recommendation of 38 euros is to appear. The mentioned Rev. A is not delivered any more, but the True Spirit 140 Power with six 8 mm instead of 6 mm heatpipes for 40 Euro. In order to remain attractive, the road price has to be lower. The CPU cooler is currently not yet run in PCGH price comparison.

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