Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct

Thermalright has just announced its new sink tower type TRUE Spirit 140 Direct has been built along the general lines of its successful platform TRUE Spirit 140 but with a completely revised basis on which has been redesigned together to create an entirely different basis, formed by the five heatpipes sink, now they come into direct contact with the IHS of the processor, thus ensuring that heat passes without interruption and hindrance from the processor to the aluminum fins of the heatsink.

It had been quite some time since I wrote any news about the Taiwanese manufacturer Thermalright and no wonder, really, because unlike most manufacturers, have never been known for being a prolific brand models, although certainly other innovative since they were the first that implemented correctly a system that we all take for granted as is the use of heatpipes to transfer heat from the processor (or from a graphics core) to the aluminum sheets of a heat sink. Basically, they are the creators of the modern sink.

On the other hand, it has always been the philosophy of this brand to market products tested very well and made with a really enviable qualities in the materials. In fact, about 10 years ago, they considered them the best heat sinks could be mounted on a processor.


The new cooler Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct consists of five heatpipes plated copper nickel with a “U”, positioned such that form the heat sink base in contact with the processor and whose vertical edges are inserted between the aluminum sheets that form the radiator unit. The tower is considerably higher than usual, measuring 161.5 mm, so it’s something you have to consider if you are going to ride in a box, since most often not admit dissipating above 160 mm high.

Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 heatsink mounted Direct 06El the famous TY-140 works by PWM fan and has a range of speeds ranging between 300 and 1,300 rpm, with a sound pressure ranging from 15 to 21 dBA. Or what is the same, even at full power will be difficult to hear the sink above the noise of the box. Perhaps the sound of air passing between the fins of the radiator because the fan is able to move between 19.9 and 73.6 cfm is more heard. A flow of air more appreciable, especially for low sound emitting said manufacturer.

The Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct can already buy at the price of 37.99 €.

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