VAIO Prototype Tablet PC

VAIO Prototype Tablet PC

From Vaio Corp, the company that acquired the rights to the VAIO brand, come the images of a new prototype 2-in-1. It’s called VAIO Prototype Tablet PC is a strange and 12.3 inches 3: Intel Core 2 M, Iris Pro graphics screen and 2560 x 1740 pixels (250 DPI) capable of covering 95% of the RGB spectrum. It has been shown a few hours ago at the Adobe Max conference in 2014 because of these qualities graphics.

It will be difficult to see it on sale and it will be impossible in our country. Vaio Corp. assumes output for mid 2015 with a price close to 200,000 yen, which is over 1,500 €, just on the market Jappo. The rest of his data sheet provides an integrated digitizer (active or pen, the pictures similar to that of other tablet pc Sony) USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, and SDXC reader. It is a budget not present in current models, often limited for reasons of space.

VAIO Tablet Prototype PC does not have these problems because, first, it’s just a product to be proud of, but also because it uses a different format than usual, with keyboard, inverted, and covers the screen, separate, remember what was Vaio Tap 11 of Sony. It does not seem to be very thin. In the network there is discussion about what might be the similarities with a hypothetical Surface Pro 4 Core managed by M, but the writer hopes that Microsoft will not return to propose a flat keyboard in its next tablet pc. Soon we will see in the first video hands-on.

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