ViewSonic V55 first smartphone with iris scanner

ViewSonic V55

ViewSonic is not an active player in the market of smartphones and tablets, we are more familiar with monitors this manufacturer. But soon things can change slightly. At least the media attention to the new smartphone is provided.

We are talking about the model V55. This smartphone can be the first on the market to get the scanner iris (Iris Recognition Technology). At the moment, the web present its image, and video with epic music.

Curious and implementation of the scanner. It will be located in the upper right corner of the smartphone, but is hidden behind a plastic “curtain”. Thus, when the user will need to use the scanner, “shutter” should be moved to the left.

At the moment, it is known that by the new technologies in this sector will be to block access directly to the device, as well as to specific files or folders. There will be some more opportunities, but they are yet unknown.

But not a single scanner, as they say. The smartphone will be released another interesting feature. The owner will be able to use removable lenses. Such a decision is not new to the market, we can recall the products Olloclip. But no company has not offered such opportunities “out of the box.” However, it is not known whether additional lenses bundled with your smartphone.

ViewSonic V55

As for the other parameters, they are quite ordinary and not surprising. The smartphone will be equipped with Full HD screen diagonal of 5.5 inches and 410 Snapdragon platform, which is quite an unusual combination. Amount of RAM is 2 GB. Flash memory is provided for 16 or 32 GB. Also aware of the 13-megapixel camera and support for LTE. It is expected that the novelty announce this month.

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